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Hello and welcome to the Kino Talk Show ! A show where we review our favourite movies !

Today, we’re focusing on the greatest musicals ever, winner of 10 academy awards… West Side Story.

West Side Story was released in 1961 and directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise.

It stars Natalie Wood as Maria,

George Chakiris as Bernardo,

Rita Moreno as Anita

Richard Breymer as Tony

and Russ Tamblyn as Riff.

The story is set in 1957 in New York City.

Two rival gangs compete for control of the Upper East Side.

On one side, the Sharks, who are immigrants from Puerto Rico.

There is Bernardo, who is leader of the Sharks and Maria’s older brother ; as well as Anita, who‘s Bernardo’s girlfriend and Maria’s best friend.

On the other side we’ll find the Jets, American born white youngsters. There’s Riff, leader of the Jets and Tony’s best friend.

This story turns into a modern American version of Romeo and Juliet when Tony, a Jet, falls in love with Maria, a Shark….




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