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English Audio Request

221 Words / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

If male voice, please use the name : James
If female voice, please use the name : Emily
If British accent, please choose the city name and currency accordingly.
If American/Canadian voice, please choose the city name and currency accordingly.
Natural speed : not too fast (it's meant for ESL students), but not too slow (so that it sounds natural!)
Optimistic tone, please :-)
thanks a lot :-)

Hey ! I'm *name*, I saw the ad at university so I thought I would leave you a message !
I'm looking for a house to share in *Oxford/Houston, Texas*. I'm 23 and I'm an undergratuate student in Music Studies. I play piano ... but don't worry, I won't play while you're sleeping or having a quiet time (*laugh, if possible!*). I see that you're located right next to Victoria Road, which would be ideal for me !
Honestly, I'd be the perfect flatmate! I'm a tidy and caring person. I'm open-minded and especially respectful. I will never invite too many people over without asking for permission. I'm not the kind of person who hogs the bathroom and I'll always make sure I don't leave dirty dishes in the sink, and I have no problem with sharing the housework. I usually vacuum regularly and I can even mow the lawn ! I'm really keen on being green-friendly : I'll always recycle glass bottles and I never leave the lights on when I leave.
Erm... What else... Oh, yeah, how much is the rent? I have a budget of *£450/$400 a month*. The room's furnished... right? Do I have a bathroom on my own?
Please send me a text or call me when you can. My number's 4-4-7-4-8-9-8-3-6. 4-4-7-4-8-9-3-6.
See ya !



May 19, 2019

Thanks a lot, Tim !!


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