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English Audio Request

117 Words / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

Basic English (uk or us, doesn't matter)
For beginners. I want them to listen and be able to tell about the presentation they've heard.
There are four presentations but it can be the same person who speaks.
Depending if you're a male / female, you can choose the name of the character. I don't mind. thanks !


Hi! My name's Laura / Robert.
I'm English, from London.
I'm 12.
I like chocolate and cookie, but I really hate carrots.
I like oranges, but I prefer bananas.

Hi, My name's Helen / John.
I'm American. I live in California.
I'm 11.
I really really love chips but I hate peas.
I like fish, but I prefer meat.

Hello, my name's Jane / Charly.
I'm Scottish, from Edinburgh.
I'm 13.
I don't like salad. I prefer peas but I hate bananas.

Hi there! My name's Catherine / William
I'm Irish, from Dublin.
I'm 15.
I really love milk and cheese but I hate fish!
I don't like cookies but I love chocolate.



Dec. 6, 2013

Thank you so much.
That's perfect;


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