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English Audio Request

230 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Medium speed, please.

1. Nick has already drunk a cup of tea.
2. I haven’t swept the floor yet. It is very dirty.
3. She has already seen this film.
4. The boys have already broken a new vase.
5. Have they copied the text yet?
6. I have already sent an SMS to my friend.
7. Tim hasn’t been at the concert yet.
8. She has already read an interesting article.
9. They haven’t invited their neighbours yet.

1. Sam hasn’t been here for a month.
2. Kate has lived there since 2005.
3. I have come to you for three weeks.
4. Bob has been in Washington since Monday.
5. I haven’t seen her for ages.
6. Sally has been in hospital since April.
7. They have known Kate for 2 years.
8. We have planned to stay there for 2 days.
9. They have been friends since their childhood.
10. Tom has been in the office since 6 o’clock.
11. She has worked here for a week.
12. My uncle has lived in Paris since February.
13. He has been a doctor for 14 years.
14. I have come to Madrid for 3 days.
15. Alice has come to Liverpool since Tuesday.
16. I have planned to stay here for a month.
17. They haven’t won the games since March.
18. Mike has come to his father for a day.




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