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German Audio Request

96 Words / 1 Recordings / 3 Comments
Note to recorder:

In einer natürlichen Geschwindigkeit bitte, aber bitte sprechen Sie klar wie ein Schauspieler. Korrekturen sind willkommen. Wenn Sie etwas natürlicher klingen lassen können, tun Sie dies bitte. Es ist in Ordnung, wenn Sie jedes Teil auch einzeln aufnehmen. Vielen dank!

At a natural speed please, but please enunciate clearly, like an actor. Corrections are welcome, and if you can make anything sound more natural, then please do so. It is fine if you want to record each part separately as well. Thank you!

-ant, wie in Konsonant.
der Konsonant
-ast, wie in Kontrast.
der Kontrast
-ich, wie in Teppich.
der Teppich
-ig, wie in Essig.
der Essig
-ismus, wie in Idealismus.
der Idealismus
-ling, wie in Liebling.
der Liebling
-us, wie in Rhythmus.
der Rhythmus
-or, wie in Motor.
der Motor

-a, wie in Pizza.
die Pizza
-anz, wie in Eleganz.
die Eleganz
-enz, wie in Existenz.
die Existenz
-ei, wie in Bücherei.
die Bücherei
-heit, wie in Krankheit.
die Krankheit
-keit, wie in Heiterkeit.
die Heiterkeit
-ie, wie in Biologie.
die Biologie
-ik wie in Panik.
die Panik



Dec. 21, 2020

Note: The word "Essig" and basically all words ending in "-ig" actually spoken as though the ending were "-ich". This is how theatre actors and voice-over artists learn it, and it's how people usually say it in spoken language, too. I do suppose it was originally pronounced like it's written and has changed due to people's laziness.
Now when you ask a German without any such vocal training to make really sure they pronounce it correctly, they will likely say "-ig" or "-ik" because that's how it's written.
I recorded both versions.
Additionally: As soon as the ending gets declinated, it WILL be said as "-ig", e.g. "Essige", "lustiger" etc.

Dec. 21, 2020

Ugh, missing word:
"The word "Essig" and basically all words ending in "-ig" ARE actually spoken as..."

Dec. 21, 2020

I see, thank you for the clarification. We're quite lazy here in Australia as well, and a lot of slang for words is created by shortening the word with an -o ending. Afternoon = arvo. Bottle shop = bottle-o. Cigarette break = smoko...

If there's one thing that I enjoy about Australian English, it's our breadth of colourful slang. :)


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