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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

The stress on the proper names:
Epan' chin, Litay' naya, Sado' vaya, Fe' dor Iva' novitch

General Epanchin lived in his own house near the Litaynaya. Besides this large residence — five sixths of which was let in flats and lodgings — the general was owner of another enormous house in the Sadovaya bringing in even more rent than the first. Besides these houses he had a delightful little estate just out of town, and some sort of factory in another part of the city. Of late, General Epanchin, as every one knows, had a good deal to do with certain monopolies; he was also a voice, and an important one, in many rich public companies of various descriptions; in fact, he enjoyed the reputation of being a well-to-do man of busy habits, many ties, and affluent means. He had made himself indispensable in several quarters, amongst others in his department in the service; and yet it was a known fact that Fedor Ivanovitch Epanchin was a man of no education whatever, and had absolutely risen from the ranks.

This last fact could, of course, reflect nothing but credit upon the general; and yet the latter, though unquestionably a sagacious man, had his own little weaknesses — very excusable ones, — one of which was a dislike to any allusion to the above circumstance. He was undoubtedly a clever fellow. For instance, he made a point of never asserting himself when he would gain more by keeping in the back ground ; and in consequence many exalted personages valued him principally for his humility and simplicity, and because "he knew his place." And yet if these good people could only have had a peep into the mind of this excellent fellow who 'knew his place' so


  • The Idiot (2__Dostoevsky -- Whishaw__XIX) ( recorded by apeowl ), British Southern English

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