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English Audio Request

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Emotional, infectious

Well, let me talk to you something about your child’s English learning, especially oral English learning. I know It’s always a tough challenge for you. And I don’t wanna repeat the importance of oral English learning over and over again. Instead, I just wanna say I‘ve never been abroad before, and I never paid a single dime on it.
You know I can’t even imagine after decades of English learning, I still don’t even know how to order a cup of coffee in English. How it could be?
But now I can land a job at an international company and chat away without any problem.
Your oral English would be the first impression you made in a conversation whether you’re at work or in school. I've walked in your child's shoes, you know, grappling with the fear of speaking a foreign language. Recall my struggle with it, I couldn't even string together a complete sentence. Don’t even mention a conversation. But that didn't stop me. I started to get up everyday morning and do shadowing myself. Just a year later, when I stand giving a public speech right now, people even mistake me for a native speaker. It can even develop confidence and courage in children. I will teach the child or you the same way I taught myself, I'll be the only one teaching. And I can create a special English-speaking environment for him. By one-on-one, face-to-face, in Chongqing no overcharging, just me. And I can promise that With my guidance over a period of time, he gonna maintain a lead in English absolutely in the next 10 years of his study career. You know If he can speak, he will definitely be able to write, spell as well. The road is long enough, but we will reach our destination eventually as we journey.
take some beneficial stuff for instance. Grad school interview, competition entries, more job prospect, scholarship abroad. International programs at uni. Even I believe you can totally ace an interview even if the person has more work experience and stronger expertise in the field than you do. What I show you is just a small part. Imagine: a world where your child or you effortlessly navigate international settings, excel in a global job market, and connect with people from various cultures, what would it be? This isn't just a dream, it's the promise oral English proficiency holds. Definitely, that’s an unstoppable trend if you wanna your kid to have more options. Cause Oral English is the key no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing. No one could limit your freedom and potential except yourself. Now, stop and think. What kind of chance might your child or you miss without oral English support?
It’s hard if there's no one lending a hand to pave the way in his childhood. Please, Thinking about it, I know it. cause I was one of them. What I said would be what sets them apart. It’s never too late. Thank you.


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