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English Audio Request

183 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Natural speed please

Little Frank is a real foodie. He is crazy about / adores spicy food, pizza and all sorts / kinds of desserts. And he also likes hamburgers, French fries and other junk food. Frank’s grandmother cares about his health and doesn’t allow him to eat everything. She thinks that Frank’s parents could give more attention to their son’s diet. However, Frank’s parents are too busy.
“Granny, I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse!”
“I have made / cooked soup and stewed vegetables.”
“But I want a dessert!”
“Eat up your soup and stewed vegetables and you’ll get your dessert.”
“When I eat my soup, you will give me an extra serving. I’m fond of eating out / I like to eat out! Mum and Dad take me to a café every month. There are so many sweets on the menu! I adore cheesecakes!”
“Cheesecakes have a short shelf life.”
“Last Saturday we went to MacDonald’s and I ate five hamburgers there. I could have eaten even six, but Dad didn’t allow me. Could you make a hamburger instead of soup for me?”




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