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English Audio Request

295 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

I'm an English teacher in France and I would like people to record this dialogue.
Could you please not talk too fast please?
Could you also say the dates like: on the fourth of July ; on the first of July ; on the fifteen of July ?
Could you say the time like : four pm ; half past six pm; quarter past eleven in the morning ?
Thank you very much

You : Hi Mike, it’s Quentin. I’m your French penpal. How are you ?

Your penpal : Hey, Quentin! I’m fine. What about you ? Here it’s 8 am. What’s up ?

You : I’m great, thanks. Oh, yes it’s early there ! Here it’s 4 pm. I’m calling to plan my trip to Los Angeles to come and see you.

Your penpal : Yes, that’s great ! We’ll have so much fun. I can’t wait for you to come ! When are you coming ?

You : I’m coming on July 1st at 6:30 pm.

Your penpal : Okay. I believe you leave on July 15th at 11:15 am. Right ?

You : That’s right.

Your penpal : That’s awesome. You will be here for July 4th.

You : What happens on July 4th ?

Your penpal : It’s the National holiday. We go see fireworks and we have picnics.

You : That sounds fun. What else can we do when I am there?

Your penpal : I live in Los Angeles, California. If you want we can go to the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame and to Universal Studios. How does it sound?

You : It sounds great. I would love that! Can we go see the Golden Gate? I believe it is in California.

Your penpal : Yes, it is in California but it is far from Los Angeles. It is a 7-hour drive.

You : Oh okay, I see. It’s too far. Can we go to the beach?

Your penpal : No problem! Bring your swimsuit! I’m sorry. I have to go. It’s time to go to school.

You : No problem. Have a nice day! Talk to you soon.

Your penpal : Talk to you soon, bye!

You : Bye.




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