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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Natural speed please
Two voices if possible !

Harper: Hi! I'm Harper.

Spencer: Hi, I'm Spencer, come in!

Harper: Wow, that's a really nice apartment! I love the decoration.

Spencer: Thanks! Yeah, it's really bright and cosy. Please, have a seat.

Harper: Thanks. So do you live here alone?

Spencer: No, actually I have two other roommates, Noah and Taylor.

Harper: Oh great, so how many rooms are there?

Spencer: There are 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a great open kitchen that you can see here, with a dining table and here is the living room.

Harper: The view is amazing, it's so nice to have the ocean so close.

Spencer: Yeah, and the neighborhood is so cool! Santa Monica is my favorite place to live in Los Angeles. Is it your first time in LA? Have you ever lived here before?

Harper: No, I haven't. I'm starting at UCLA next month but I wanted to live near the beach. So, how much is the rent?

Spencer: It's $1,100 per person per month.

Harper: Wow, it's a bit expensive.

Spencer: Yes, I know, but don't forget it's a super safe neighborhood and public transit is really convenient. Can I ask you a few questions?

Harper: Sure!

Spencer: First, can you describe yourself in a few words?

Harper: Well, I am quite easy-going, not careless at all and extremely respectful of people's boundaries.

Spencer: Great, that's what we want here! Do you like going out?

Harper: Of course, I'm a night owl on the weekend.

Spencer: Alright, have you ever lived with roommates before?

Harper: I haven't, no.

Spencer: Okay, how often do you cook?

Harper: Hm, I'm not a very good cook, I rarely cook but I often order delivery or buy takeout food.

Spencer: We do cook a lot here, maybe you can learn a thing or two. What about your cleaning habits? How often do you hoover or do the dishes?

Harper: I'm quite house proud, I must say. I hoover every two days and I always do the dishes after I have used anything.

Spencer: Super, well, let me show you the rest of the apartment!


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