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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Natural speed please

Hi ! This is my Summer Holidays Instagram feed.
Everyday I'm posting pictures of my activities and places I'm visiting.

Number 1, I'm waiting at the airport to board the plane. There is not much to do so I'm reading a magazine to pass the time. You can see it is raining. But where I'm going, it's hot and sunny.

Number 2, we are in a hotel in Miami. My sister and I are bathing in the swimming pool. It's so good to be there.

Number 3, We're eating ice-cream ! Best ice-cream ever ! I'm living my best life.

Number 4, My family and I are riding a bike. We're going to have a picnic on the beach !

Number 5, I'm exploring the beautiful ocean. My mother and I are diving and taking pictures under water. How wonderful !

Number 6, We're visiting the Everglades National Park. We're observing the crocodiles and the turtles... It's really impressive !!




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