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English Audio Request

239 Words / 2 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

Female voice. American accent. Normal speed. Thank you so much !! :-)

Hi ! I am Serena Williams. I am an American tennis player. At the moment, I am ranked #1 in single female tennis but it has not always been the case…

I have always wanted to be the best and to achieve that, I have worked a lot. I started playing tennis with my sister Venus when we were really young : I was only 3 years old. Our parents have always been our greatest supporters. So, I can say that I have played tennis almost all my life … and I love it!

I have already won the French Open 3 times, and Wimbledon and the US open 6 times each. I am so delighted I have achieved so much. Unfortunately, I have had several injuries during my career and it has slowed down my victories. However, I have been number 1 for the past 2 years and I don’t intend to stop now.

My only regret so far is that since the year 2000 I have been trying to play a game against a male tennis player because I’m sure I’ll win. But no man from the top 50 tennis players has accepted to challenge me yet. I am sure I’ll win but my only experience when I was 16 years old against a man, I must admit, was a disaster. He won 6 to 1. Now, I am older and I am sure I will succeed!



Feb. 18, 2016

Thank you so much ! Excellent work ! :-)


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