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English Audio Request

128 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Note to recorder:

Natural speed. Make sure to pause between sentences.
MALE recorder. AMERICAN accent please.
Do not change the text in any way. DO NOT read the title.
If possible try to put some feeling into it (like in a real school election).

My fellow students of 2014, my name is Josh Peterson and I am running for school president. I want to organize school dances or movie nights. In the cafeterias, we need a better selection in drinks and food.
I want to create a culture day in the library with students of different nationalities because it’s important to be open to other cultures. We can also have a graffiti day where we can paint the library walls in our school colors. I don't want to be a lazy president. I want to get to know students and I want to work for them. My name is Josh Peterson and I want to be your school president. YOUR voice. YOUR choice. Vote Josh Peterson today. Thank you. God Bless you!