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English Audio Request

138 Words / 3 Recordings / 2 Comments
Note to recorder:

A British accent would be great!
This is for beginner ESL students, so please don't speak too fast.

Does a whale eat ice-cream?

I don't want to know about Romans and Greeks,
I don't want to know about maths, miss.
I don't want to know about science and art,
What I want to know is this, miss...

Does a whale eat ice-cream?
Does an anteater use a spoon?
Do kangaroos build houses?
Do mice live on the moon?
Can a penguin work in a restaurant?
Can a beetle play the drums?
Can an octopus write a letter?
Can snakes do difficult sums?
Are polar bears always white?
Or can they be purple or black?
Does a giraffe sleep standing up?
Or lying on its back?
Do teachers know all the answers?
Are they always right?
Maybe they don't know the answers
And that's why I have to write...
"I must not ask silly questions in class."



May 28, 2020

Although my accent is Australian, I hope I articulated the words properly enough?


May 28, 2020

It's perfect! Thank you very much!