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Urdu Audio Request

138 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Can a Karachite please read these sentences with natural speed and intonation, please? I would be very grateful for any help.

1 Kya aap washing machine mein say kaprray nikal saktay/sakti hain?
2 Kya aap kaprray sookhnay kay liye tang saktay/sakti hain?
3 Kya aaj aap toliye dho saktay/sakti hain?
4 Aap mujh say kaun say kaprray dholwana chahtay/chahti hain?
5 Kya aap fridge mein parra khana garam kar saktay/sakti hain?
6 Kya aaj aap lasagne bana saktay/sakti hain?
7 Aaj aap kya khana chahtay/chahti hain?
8 Aap nay aaj raat kya pakaaya hai?
9 Kya aap please fry anda bana saktay/sakti hain?
10 Aap naashtay main kya lena pasand farmain gay/gee?
11 Kya aap aaj X khana chahain gay/gee ya Y?
12 Khaana ... bajay tayyar ho jayega.
13 Mujhe bataaye ke aap naashtay/raat ke khaanay mein kya lena chahein gay/gee, mein woh aap ke liye banaoun gaa/gee.
14 Aaj mein vacuum cleaner say farsh saaf karoun gaa/gee.