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On Sunday, the Wyverns’ defense blocked the Tigers even without franchise pitcher Kim Kwang-hyun playing thanks to a stellar performance by starter Yoon Hee-sung for seven innings.

The SK led from the start thanks to Lim Hoon’s long hit to the right field that helped three runners on the field to all hit the home plate. They added another in the fourth to gain a good lead with the Tigers scoring no runs until the ninth.

At Busan, the Lotte Giants came from behind to thrash the visiting team, the Hanwha Eagles, 10-5 to mark two victories at home.

The Eagles lost on Saturday but seemed eager to turn the tables on Sunday with slugger Kim Tae-kyun marking three RBIs early in the game until the third inning for a 5-1 lead over the Giants.

But Lotte’s powerful batters rallied for a stellar seven runs in the fourth, their rotation coming full circle and nullifying An Seung-min’s start with solid pitches.

At Jamsil, the Doosan Bears and bottom-seed Nexen Heroes had a tug-of-war that saw a total of 40 hits in the game.

With the loss on Saturday behind them, the Bears and Heroes marked runs in every inning of the match except the sixth. Nexen seemed the victor in the seventh when they led with 11-8 during the eigth inning, until starting with Ko Yeong-min’s long hit, Doosan rallied at scored five straight runs to clinch a 13-11 win.