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English Audio Request

404 Words / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

This document is aimed to learners of English as a foreign language, it would be nice if you could talk at a moderate speed with neutral accent.
Also, in this document, you are a police officer making the report before the final investigation, don't hesitate to act like this :)
Thanks a lot

Listen up everyone ! We don't have much time before Jack the ripper vanishes one more time. But if he does so, this time, he may never show up again ! So we need to be efficient and you must pay attention to all the clues we have so far !
First of all, we don't know much about his physical appearance. But from some of our witnesses, Jack may be tall and thin. Some told us that he had a moustache; some others told us that he was perfectly shaved. According to his age, we don't know precisely. But people are sure that they saw him running pretty fast from the crime scene. He may be in good physical condition, so he could not be very old…
Then, we don't know what kind of job he has but, according to the way he killed his victims, there are some things that we can deduce. Number one, he really knew what he was doing. The cuts to the women's throat were clean and, when he took the kidney out of one of them, it wasn't messy either. So we can deduce he is an intelligent man who knows about anatomy. And two, we always found on the body of the victims wounds that indicate the use of two types of weapons. A short pocket knife and a much bigger and stronger one. The pocket knife was surely used to torture the victim and the bigger one must have been used to really kill. Again, Jack knew what he was doing and how to do it… So we can assume that his job has something to do with the use of knives and daggers, and may be related to the field of anatomy.
Finally, all the women killed shared some things in common: they were all prostitutes operating in Whitechapel. In the letters he sent to us, Jack said multiple times that he hated them and that he wanted to "clean" the city. Maybe there is a religious background to that, or a psychological one. If there is one sure thing in all this case, it's that he really hated all those women and he wanted them to suffer.
Well, I know this isn't much, but that's all we have. Again, it may be the last chance we have to catch the man. Keep a sharp eye open and be careful !
Good luck !


  • Jack the Ripper investigation - final report ( recorded by paulolins89 ), Brazilian Portuguese, American English

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Nov. 1, 2018

I'm pretty sure the person investigating the Ripper case would not have used the phrase "Listen up."


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