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English Audio Request

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Can you please read it rather slowly.

The Story of Thor and Loki

A long time ago, Thor was the Norse God of Thunder. He was considered to be one of the strongest gods of the Norse mythology because he used to wear a belt that doubled his strength. Also, he was very famous for wielding his mythical hammer : Mjölnir. It is said that one hit of the hammer could create thunder in the sky.
Thor had a wife, a very beautiful one. Her name was Sif and it is said that her hair are so wonderful that they looked like pure gold. But Thor had enemies also : the giants. He hated them and they hated him. A giant tried to steal his hammer once and, with the help of Loki, his brother, they found him and killed him. Since then, the giants are at perpetual war with the God and he also wants to kill them.
When the end of the world came, the Ragnarok, it is said that Thor fought the great World Serpent. He managed to kill him with his mighty hammer but, after it, he was only able to walk nine steps and fell to the ground, killed by the venom the snake put into the sky, the land, and the God himself.
Today, Thor is so famous that we even create comics and movies about him and we celebrate him each week without even knowing. Indeed Thursday, the day of the week, was created in honour of the God of Thunder.

Thor, the God of Thunder, had a brother: Loki. He was a not an ordinary God because he was the son of a God and a Giant, he was adopted by Odin so he became the adoptive brother of Thor. Loki was the God of treachery, of tricks and he liked to play with the life of people. He had the power of invisibility and shape shifting, change his appearance.
But his nature was also what caused him to be hated by the other Gods because, one day, he betrayed them, he spoke bad things about Thor, his own brother and predicted the death of Odin, his adoptive father. Seeing that all the Gods were angry at him for doing so, he chose to leave and went into the mountains with his wife and his kids to be left alone. But he knew that the Gods were after him so he spied on them.
One day, he saw them coming for him and he tried to hide. But unfortunately, Thor caught him and all the Gods arrested him. They put Loki on the floor, killed one of his children and, with his entrails, tied him up. They tortured him with the venom of a snake and he was to be left here forever, until Ragnarok came.
And, on the very day of the end of the world, Loki was free and he chose to become the ally of the Giants and fight against the Gods, for vengeance.



May 5, 2018

Hi !
Thanks a lot for this recording, that's really good :)


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