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English Audio Request

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I have got for analysis a passage from the twelfth chapter of a research monograph Factors in a Theory of Poetic Translating by Robert De Beaugrande. It is entitled “Translation Criticism” and is devoted to the theory of translation. It is easy to refer this text to the scientific style, because it contains some reliable signs of scientific texts: scientific terms – the terms of translation studies, the names of well-known scholars, some scientific clichés frequently used in research papers. The narrator transmits his judgments about translation criticism to his readers, the main idea is that criticism of the translation should be carried out with the view to some concepts of equivalence and they should be objective. Besides, he argues that the status of translation criticism should be clarified. The author also cites some points of view which belong to other scholars and analyzes some rules of a proper translation criticism. So the slant of the narration is formal and matter-of-fact, it is not emotionally coloured.



May 2, 2019

Thank you so much!


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