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English Audio Request

101 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments

length of cloth
in good time
a half-assed try
rapacity of modern civilization
mellow climate
overriding consideration
under duress
in awe of some control
police detail
ramshackle crib
sitting duck
news flash
poetic licence
inflatable rubber
signal perfection
relaxation of censorship
extraordinary riposte
general suffrage
to pull one’s weight
a lengthy stint
to dissemble an indignant contempt
vitreous clay
in retaliation for
scrap iron
to plunge someone into despair
pernicious affection
frozen pond
mound of stones
white shroud
the pawnbroker’s shop
drum roll
good tidings
pinnacle of success
lewd proclivities
beaming face
in high dudgeon
funeral pyre
wood chips
friendly banter




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