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Name: Yuki

I'm Yuki, and I love Japan~! I'm studying Japanese in an online class and on my own through the Internet and by learning Japanese songs. I plan to take the JLPT 5 next year. I am focusing on kanji, sentence structure, and vocabulary, and need to practice listening and responding more through conversations. I plan to move to Japan and become a citizen. First I'll use the student visa going to language school then Kyoto Seika University (while working part-time as a maid), and then I'll be an assistant to a manga artist before becoming one myself. I will focus on social justice-my cause is LGBTQI+-and will have canonically transgender and gay characters in my manga.
高校の後で、しごとをします。後五年くらいで、 日本に 住みます。メイドとまんがかがいたい。

Accent: Michigan
Native Language(s): English
Studying: Japanese
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