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Name: Anja
Gender: Female

I was born in Moscow, so Russian is my mother tongue of course. I tend to speak it very well without any local accents, which are in common in wild :) parts of the country. Well, I've also studied English since 1st school year, but I still have a lot problems in it. I truely love Japanese language, I find it beutiful in its difficulty. I study Hebrew, just because it's very interesting and totally not like other languagers - some strange sings in wrong direction, you know. And it's very.. not simple, but it's just like maths. Also I learn Dutch, I think it sounds plenty funny, and I like the country also.
Whatsoever. Anyway I'll be happy to help you in learning Russian.

Location: Moscow
Skype ID: executioned
Twitter ID: per_iocum
Facebook ID:
Accent: Moscow
Native Language(s): Russian
Studying: English, Japanese, Dutch, Hebrew
Comments Written: 12

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