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Name: Linda Jacqueline

For super-easy language learning check out the free subs2srs application. Here are details on how to make a flashcard deck from your favourite media- films, tv series, etc.

subs2srs を使って Anki 用動画カードを作る方法:

***Learning English?Tips:

1) Be audio-visual!
Throw the books away until you get used to the language; instead, watch films in English with *English* subtitles.

Check out Yale courses with subtitles!

TED Talks also have subs:

2) Learn through other peoples's mistakes via

3) Method matters- check out the Antimoon site:

4) Interested in writing in English? Read "The Elements of Style"
***Learning Romanian? The official Romanian dictionary online (DEX) has a list of common mistakes natives make:

I think this is the best site since Couchsurfing. A community full of selfish people that also want to give. I love that.

I'm very interested in learning languages. I don't know why- it's intellectual ammo. I'm especially keen on East-Asian ones. I know my English from when I lived there, and kept in touch with it after I left- admittedly not hard these days.

Accent: British English, Romanian standard
Native Language(s): English, Romanian
Studying: Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese - Mandarin, Korean, Hebrew, Icelandic, Sanskrit
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