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Name: Kate
Gender: Female

Hi everyone, I'm a passionate language learner speaking mandarin chinese, French and English. I'm currently starting pick up German on my own and dertermined to speak it well. I really appreciate any help I can get! Thank you all for recording audios for me! I'm looking for a German speaker who doesn't mind recording simple short sentences for me from tme to time, so I can save them in my ipod and listen to them whenever and wherever I want. Leave me a message if you're interested. Thanks for reading my profile.

De tous ceux qui ont répondu à ma demande request, j'apprécie vraiment votre aide. Maintenant mon ordinateur portable que j’ai utilisé pendant dix ans travaille si lentement que je ne peux pas enregistrer d'audio. Je contribuerai à la communauté de RhinoSpike dès que j'aurai mon nouvel ordinateur en janvier. Merci beaucoup de votre comprehension.

Accent: standard Mandarin
Native Language(s): Chinese - Mandarin
Studying: English, French
Comments Written: 25

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