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Name: boaby

You’ve probably noticed from my accent that I’m not American nor British. There are other countries where we speak this language natively.

I'm a native English speaker with a southern Irish accent. If you are curious whether my accent is typically “Irish” here’s some background on my accent. But first let me offer one caveat - there are lots of different ways Irish people speak English not just the ones you hear from Hollywood.

Listening to how I speak, very few Irish people can identify where I'm from or where I've lived in Ireland. This is because my accent is a mixture of Irish elements and not just a Dublin, Galway or Kerry accent. Though, if I had to describe mine it's more of an urban Leinster accent than anything else.

How Regular a User of Rhinospike am I?
Not very. I started using RhinoSpike when it first started but then I disappeared. I'm back for another look. Back then RhinoSpike seemed a little quiet now it seems to be a bit more active.

Location: Ireland
Accent: Irish (Southern)
Native Language(s): English
Studying: German
Comments Written: 6

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