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Profile for arisuferret

Name: Arisu (Alice)
Gender: Female

I do not check daily anymore so PLEASE SEND MAIL if you have a RECORDING REQUEST!

Masters in Education, specialization ESL/EFL.
6 years ESL/EFL teacher.
JLPT rank 1 (International Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
Kanken rank 4 (Kanji character test for Japanese natives; pending)

Background & experience in Japanese > English translation.
(general medicine, general veterinary medicine, general science; foreign language education, Literature, general non-fiction)

One constant world-traveling sidekick, Ranmaru (瀾丸) the ferret! ^^ : (pending opening)
Motto: Have fuzz will travel.

Location: many places
Skype ID: arisuferret
Twitter ID: arisuferret
Accent: standard American English
Native Language(s): English
Studying: Japanese, Korean
Comments Written: 122

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