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Name: James
Gender: Male


I'm James or 清峰. I've always been fascinated by different cultures and languages. I was forced to learn French at school but, due to the teaching method came away with nothing. Later I took the matter into my own hands and taught myself Dutch, Cantonese, Taiwanese閩南話, Mandarin and now I am embarking on Thai.
I am currently writing a book “Understand your mind and create the world of your dreams" The title may change…
My interests are too many to list here but basically include teaching people (and learning myself!) how to master their mind, reach their full potential and live their dreams. This involves human interaction, cross-cultural communication and basically hanging out with cool people and broadening each other's horizons.I am an avid traveller, have visited 33 countries and lived in 6.
My philosophy of life is that we come into this world to do 2 things:
1.Do something exceptional with our own life.
2.Share what we have with others.

Look forward to meeting you and taking some adventures together :-)

Location: England
Skype ID: hollows.james
Accent: RP British and Australian
Native Language(s): English
Studying: Chinese - Mandarin
Comments Written: 11

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