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Profile for SublimeBliss

Name: SublimeBliss
Gender: Female

I am an American, born in Memphis, Tennessee. I've lived in many places in the southern part of the United States. I don't accentuate my accent much (unless that's what you're looking for - if so, just ask), so I sound more middle American.

I enjoy helping, whether you're a singular student, or a teacher who needs recordings for class, so feel free to request my help, or add me as a friend. If I need to record something over, please feel free to ask me. I am in the early stages of learning French, so I'll probably be helping more than requesting for now.

Je parle un peu français. J'aime apprendre français, mais j'apprends toujours les règles de grammaire. Avoir de la patience s'il vous plaît.
-Carrie / SublimeBliss

Location: Oklahoma, United States.
Accent: Southern American, Middle/plain American
Native Language(s): English
Studying: French
Comments Written: 43

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