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English Script Request

Complete / 308 Words
by lissacupid 0:08 - 2:23

Since his beginning and since Bob Marley made it famous all over the world, Reggae's lyrics have spoken of love. But the music's social message, standing up against racism, violence, or government oppression is why it's now being deemed culturally indispensible.

Inside this south London record shop, there's been something of a party to celebrate.

>Reggae music is like brain food, you know, spiritual food you know.
Times of oppression and times of feeling sad and the Reggae music inspires a lot of people, not just only one, people of different race, different culutre, different colour.

>Is Reggae more than just music?
>It is more than just music, you know, it's a message.

Reggae literally means rag, a clue to its evolution from Ska, to a host of different musical genres in Jamaica. But it found a different home in the U.K. Flourising after thousands of immigrants arrived by bpat after the Second World War.
And in a club in Manchester tonight, proof that Reggae, as the United NAtions officially describes it, is a voice for all.

>Reggae is a huge part of British culture. Like it's actually a bigger part than a lot of peolpe do realize. Just because of all the different strands and branches that have come out musically from reggae music, I'm talking Grime, Garage, Jungle, like all of that you will find roots in Reggae music.

And it's ability to get voices heard ensuring the music endures.

>Will there ever be a day where Reggae is not used to highlight social injustice?
>Never. That day will never come.
>Um, because the likelihood that there is always going to be social injustice. And as long as that exists, then Reggae music will always speak about that.

An island once under colonial rule is now culturally colonizing the planet.
Richard Palin, News and 10.


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