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Chinese - Mandarin Script Request

Complete / 44 Characters
by 14hmyang1 0:00 - 0:11

my sister have the same special type of blood with you


March 15, 2017

Hi. I am the one who submitted this request:

I only need a 2 minute section (10:09 minutes to 12:06 minutes) of this Shanshan episode translated into English AND pinyin with tone marks. At the moment. some of the English is very poor.

Ideally, this is what I need:

1. A better English translation for this 2-minute section (it already displays both English and Mandarin characters).

2. The pinyin (with tone marks) of the Mandarin characters, matched to the characters as they appear on the screen i.e. separated into sentences or phrases.

Many many thanks for any help on this! Cheers, Randal.

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