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English Script Request

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by Sput 0:00 - 1:53

Male Presenter: There's an emotional debate tonight in one Colorado community. After a school installed security cameras in the student restrooms, students and some parents want to know why.

Female Presenter: It's happening at Windsor Charter Academy High School. Karen Morfitt taking a closer look at why those cameras were installed and Karen - students, parents and officials all weighing in on this one.
Female Reporter: Yeah, Karen, and those who are against this say that any time there's a camera anywhere inside these doors it raises a privacy issue, while others including school officials say that if the cameras are just pointed to the sinks, there's no problem.

Security cameras are going up just about everywhere, and usually it's done with no questions asked, but these at Windsor Charter Academy have everyone's attention.

Male Student: They said that they're not actually facing the toilets.

Female Parent: This whole thing is very silly to me.

Male Parent: It is okay to disagree.

Female Reporter: School officials say the cameras are for security purposes, and after consulting with law enforcement, they're certain they do not violate privacy for two reasons - the stalls area from floor to ceiling, and the cameras point only to the wash areas. The installation has some students protesting and often covering the cameras themselves.

Male Student: I just don't think there's a better way to handle it.

Female Reporter: Some parents say if it keeps students from doing something they're not supposed to and adds to safety, then they're all for it.

Female Parent: As long as they're not pointing into the stalls, which they're not - they're pointing at students washing hands, I don't see it as a problem.

Female Reporter: Others like Trevor Garrett don't argue against more security, but say this is crossing a line.

Male Parent: Sacrificing privacy for liberty is not the way to go. It's a slippery slope.

Female Reporter: Now other students that we spoke to said that outside of security, those cameras also went up, or they were told that the cameras also went up because there was an issue with vaping, or students using electronic smoking devices inside the bathrooms.

For now we're live, Karen Morfitt covering Colorado First.


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