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English Script Request

Complete / 601 Words
by Jbou 0:00 - 3:11

Interviewer: And now I'm supposed to ask you about, um, ...This is, these are other special sections they are doing, this one, um, this is a spot that's going to be on what, uh...uh ours, uh bands charge...ticket prices, basically....

Dave: Ah, we had that discussion the other day...

Interviewer: First question is, what do you think of ours who do, who charge anywhere between fifty($50) to seventy five($75) dollars for tickets?

Kurt: There are people who charge that much? Who does that?
Dave(?): Who charges that much money?

Woman: Madonna.

Dave: tsshhh....

Kurt: Madonna does?

Chris: How much do we charge a ticket, John?

Dave: Yeah, but that's, like, a burlesque show. That's a big production, isn't it...

Chris twenty($20)$7)?

Kurt: twelve($12)?

Chris: You can speak...

John: seventeen($17) to like eighteen($18)...

Chris: Twelve(1$2)? Is that twelve(1$2) or twenty-one($21)?... seventeen($17) to eighteen($18) bucks a ticket?

Dave: Wow....

Kurt: Madonna charges fifty($50) dollars?

Chris: Apparently.

Dave: tshhhh....

Chris: fifty($50) to seventy-five($75), yeah.

Dave: Madonna wears, Madonna wears fur, too. Did you know that?

Chris: We were talking about, boy, we should charge twenty five($25) dollars and really milk it. Really take them for all they've got.

Dave: If they want to come, let's see how bad they really want to see the band play.

Chris: So, seventeen($17), we charge seventeen dollars.

Kurt: Fugazi's playing tonight, and they're charging five($5). So how does that make you feel?

Chris: Weak. Exploitive(Exploitative).

Dave: See, they go from $ $ $7...TO $8....pretty soon....

Chris: It's all over man.

???: It's inflation.

Dave: What with the Ticketmaster charge...

Interviewer: Um, so what do you think of the price you charge? For your the next question... seventeen($17) to eighteen($18).

Chris: When we think of it, I guess we make enough money.

Dave: God, if we had to pay for every show we played on tour...Nevermind.

Kurt: I don't know...production costs are so astronomical. It's amazing.

Chris: You gotta pay all these people. And the band always gets it in the end. The band has to pay for everything. That's...the one...

Kurt: We make the least amount of money.

Interviewer: How much do you see of the...this says thirty($30) odd dollars you charge for one ticket, but let's say seventeen($17) or eighteen($18) dollars you pay, you charge for one ticket....

Dave: John?

Chris: We don't even know...

John: twenty five(25%) percent.

Dave: twenty five(25%) percent? Is that after your cost?

John: *inaudible* (That's off the top??)



Chris: So, say, if it's twenty($20) dollars, we see five($5) dollars of the twenty($20) dollars.

Interviewer: And that's, you know, then you have to pay for your...the cost of the touring with that, i guess...interesting...Um, ok, so that's that then.

Chris: No, we make that five($5) dollars. That's in our pocket clean(?), right? No?

John: Yeah. twenty five(25) percent. Your work on about twenty five(25) percent net.

Dave: Oh, net. Oh, okay.

John: Then you have to split it three(3) ways.

Woman: Comes to a dollar seventy five($1.75)

John(?): You have to pay fifty two(52) percent tax on it.

Kurt: Right, a dollar seventy five($1.75) a piece for every show....for every person.

Chris: So if there's 8000 people, you made 10 grand($10,000) that night.

Kurt: I didn't go to college.

Chris: That's not bad money. 10 grand($10,000) a night.

Dave: Gee, that's pretty good.

Chris: Let's play more shows. Let's go out there and play.

Dave: But we're not rich or anything.

Chris: Wow. That's pretty good money. I'm going to go out and buy something today and not feel guilty about it. Cheapness has been bred in me.


Nov. 12, 2020

Hey guys! I need your help with something kinda silly, but good for practicing English listening. It's a 1993 interview with Nirvana about ticket costs and some small talk. Three to 4 people talking at the same time, but it's a very short interview.

* First one is just a tiny bit: [0:15] "No, we understand that (...) we gotta do". Is Dave Grohl saying: "No, we understand that, if that's what we gotta do" ?????

* Last one is Dave Grohl again: [3:08] "Cheap (...)". Is he saying "cheap necessaire and bread meat?????

I really appreciate your help! Cheers!


Nov. 23, 2020

Thank you!!! ; )

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