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Japanese Script Request

Complete / 3 Characters
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by fujimuu 0:00 - 0:01



Oct. 11, 2015

I'm learning japanese and I would like to have the japanese script for this episode. I looked for it on internet, but i could not find it in japanese only in português. If you know some web site where i can download subtitles in japanese for japanese movies please I will really appreciate if you let it in the comments. Thanks!

May 15, 2016

Hello, Lais. Since you're Brazilian, I'll write in Portuguese from now on.

Eu encontrei o/a roteiro/transcrição desse episódio em dois links:

Eles parecem estar completos (não conferi todo o diálogo). No segundo link, notei que há alguns erros (mistura de japonês com chinês).

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