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Japanese Script Request

Complete / 426 Characters
by Kouichi 0:00 - 1:46



by Lamphes 1:46 - 1:46


May 15, 2013

Oh I'm sorry, I hadn't noticed your comment!

He is explaining the phrase "結果は後からついてこない", which is his philosophy.

He basically says you should struggle to succeed. When you avoid it, you might still succeed, that might be possible, but you probably do the same thing with problems that you'll face in the future, so avoiding struggles doesn't make you strong and deep.

Oct. 3, 2013

OH MY GOODNESS I read your comment right now!! Lol! They should notify me lol!


He thinks that people who run away from struggling might get good score/result eventually, but they will keep running away and won't work hard on anything, so he says these kind of people won't reach the higher level as a human being, because he thinks efforts for struggles make you stronger.

Does this make sense?

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