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Photo of slyfin

Profile for slyfin

Gender: Female

I accept all friend requests from Japanese native speakers.
ツイッター: @slyfiin
ディスコード: #1417
ハロー トークID: slyfin10
ラインID: jplearner

I fulfill the requests of my rhinospike friends first before browsing the public-feed.

I recently joined this site. I'm looking forward to utilizing its "Script Request" feature and browsing the site for particularly useful material for myself. In the future, I might be interested in making audio requests for my target language. I really like the laid-back pace of Rhinospike! I'll be sticking around.

I'm happy to fulfill on-demand "Audio Requests" for active contributing users. If you make the efforts to submit audio and scripts to the site then please free to contact me if you would like anything recorded. Thanks!

Location: Arizona, United States
Accent: General American [Standard American English]
Native Language(s): English
Studying: Japanese
Comments Written: 2

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