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Name: rhinospike33
Gender: Female

I'm learning kanji. I want to review kanji hearing the audio of hon and kun reading of each kanji everyday, while I'm washing dishes.

At the moment I'm studying 10 kanji's at day.

Right now I need audio japanese recording of following kanjis:
(to put in my iPhone and I'll listen continuously until i learn.
I need first the word in english:

TEA: and after this, you pronounce kun reading and then on reading.
then next...

tea: tachi/SA
meat: niku NIKU
letter: bun/MON?
character: ji
thing: mono/FUN
bull: kyuu/ushi
bird: tori/kyou
fish:sakana/Gyo ?

after 2 days, I'll say the other 10 kanji

(I'm studing kanji in order of the book "Basic Kanji Vol.1)

Please can you help me?


Accent: south Italy
Native Language(s): Italian
Studying: Japanese
Comments Written: 23

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