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Name: dan
Gender: Male

I'm Brazilian originaly from Rio de Janeiro city, I live and have lived in Buenos Aires in Argentina for 6 years. I need to learn English and French. I can to help you in Portuguese and Spanish(I have a certificate of the proficiency in Spanish) I enjoy learn languages! If you want to learn some spanish don't hesitate to contact me! I like chat, if you want to practice spanish and portuguese invite me !! I'm very friendly and I like to learn about different cultures from around the world. I am searching for people who are fluent in English/French or a native speaker who are, also, interested in learning Spanish and Portuguese to exchange knowledge regularly. I use skype, but these are reserved for some friends.

Location: United Kingdom
Skype ID: dankoutt25
Accent: carioca portuguese, argentinian spanish
Native Language(s): Spanish, Portuguese
Studying: English, French
Comments Written: 6

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