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Name: Tammam

I've lived in the US (the state of Michigan) for the first 21 years of my life, so my accent in English is Midwestern.

In terms of Arabic, I'm considered a heritage speaker, which means I've spoken it in my home since I was a child with my parents and family, i.e., the Levantine dialect spoken in Damascus, to be exact. That is why I don't have an accent when I speak Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Although I understand and can speak both Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) and Syrian Colloquial Arabic (SCA) I have a Syrian accent in the former and a very, very slight accent (noticeable by native speakers) in the latter. It is also one of my majors at my university, and I've studied it to what is considered an advanced level by US standards.

Location: Alexandria, Egypt
Accent: Midwestern USA English, Modern Standard Arabic (heritage speaker of Syrian)
Native Language(s): English, Arabic
Studying: German, Arabic
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