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Name: Swati thapa
Gender: Female

Hey rhinospikers!!
Well am a student and i have completed my graduation in english literature.I am new to this site...And am really very excited to learn more from you all.
I love english language,i enjoy reading,writing in english.Besides my national language,english is second most popular in my country.
I really admire and appreciate each and every kind of language we have on this earth,as every language has it's special history and place in the age old history of humankind.
So likewise i too want to learn american english.But i don't have suffice knowledge about different kinds of "AMERICAN ACCENT".I'd really like to know different types of it.
I do speak english in american accent,but that is basically what i have learnt from books,movies,songs and other stuffs like that.But through your help i could learn more accurate american accent.So please do join me and be friends with me.I would really appreciate your friend requests.And if anyone needs help in any of the languages that i know,i would be more than glad to help.
God bless all:-)
Have a great journey of learning with rhinospike:-):-)

Location: India
Accent: American
Native Language(s): English, Nepal Bhasa, Hindi
Studying: English, Hindi
Comments Written: 3

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