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Photo of Alyssa0093china

Profile for Alyssa0093china

Name: Alyssa
Gender: Female

Hi,or Nǐhǎo! I'm Alyssa and I've joined RhinoSpike to improve my mandarin skill that i'm currently learning. I was looking and still are for a site that allows me to practice my speaking skills because that was my goal. But any who let me go into some personal stuff. I'm 15 and i'm in Virtual School Chinese 1. I love planes,flying, and rainy days. My favorite snacks are grapes (The purple ones) haha, and i love reading and writing. Daydream is my life hobby and i'm a serious wisher. I'm ''okay'' on digital art and painting. I've never left the states and i want to learn as many languages as i can but, one at a time. Thanks! :)

Location: United States
Native Language(s): English
Studying: Chinese - Mandarin
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