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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

I recorded by my voice.
Please record it by your voice.

[Review of "Kim Dong Ryul_취중진담(Drunken Truth)]

It's because our society is caught up in a get-rich-quick fever in which everything is made quick and easy with higher pay.
In recent years, girl groups, which are a trend in the music world, all look different yet similar.
Just like Barbie dolls in a display case.
Their songs and choreography are made quickly, similar to putting change in a vending machine and taking it out, and they're digested and disappear almost immediately.
This dismal future of Korean pop-culture isn't only a sad thing.
This is thanks to the few real singers who live for their music and are working hard to keep their identities through yin and yang.
Take Kim Dong Ryul as an example of those singers.
He is such a unique and concert-oriented singer-song writer that he should be designated as a natural monument.
Now he refuses to attend any TV entertainment and music programs which are the best for the promotion of his album and rejects other event invitations
Why do you suppose he does that?
Not because he's rich..
The reason is that he doesn't want to make compromises about his music.
He was recently invited to perform at the promotion event of a new, foreign luxury car.
According to an official from his director company, he gave a hearty laugh since he wanted to accept the offer because could have received thousands of dollars for just two songs, but Kim rejected it with just a word.
The reason he revealed was firm and correct.
It is that there is no way that he would sing along to a prerecorded accompaniment.
It would be an insult to treat the fans who would attend his concert, breathing in the same space as him, like that.
In the end, officials relayed that he doesn't understand how a singer could sing a song without passion and soul.
Today's singers and groups earn money not by selling albums or touring but by performing at private events.
If they're earning money, they're running soccer fields, basketball courts, baseball stadiums, and volleyball courts more than athletes and they attend more university festivals than actual students.
This is the background full of nameless hit songs that disappear so fast and where so many singers and groups get to the top of music charts and down so quickly.
On the other hand, Kim gets the rewardof his rejections from another place.
His concerts are always sold out, and after every concert, he has to return a bow to the audiences who always give a standing ovation.
Last year, all of the tickets to his 'PrologueⅢ 4th concert' were sold out just 10 minutes after they were available, and there was a 1-hour-long standing ovation which even he couldn't believe.
This is exactly the power of a real singer.


  • [K-Pops] 김동률(Kim Dong Ryul)_취중진담 ( recorded by Manley ), North American English

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