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English Audio Request

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Super slow speed and natural speed, please.

Once there was a powerful ruler of ancient Egypt called Pharaoh. In old Egypt, Egyptian and Hebrew people lived together. Pharaoh treated the Hebrews like slaves. He made them work very hard from early in the morning until late at night.

Many Hebrew children were being born. Pharaoh didn't like having so many Hebrews in Egypt. He was afraid that they would take over the country.

He told his officers: "Let the Hebrew girl babies live, but kill all the boy babies!"

A Hebrew woman gave birth to a fine baby boy. She hid him for three months. He cried and cried. She couldn't hide him any longer. She built a small boat made of plaited bull rushes. She placed her son in it and left him on the Nile river. The baby's older sister, Miriam, was watching.

Just then, Pharaoh's daughter, the Princess, came down to the river. She heard the baby cry and looked at the little boat. "This is one of the Hebrew baby boys," she said.

Quickly, Miriam ran forward and said: "Shall I find a Hebrew woman to look after the baby for you?" The Princess said: "Yes, please!"

Miriam brought the child's real mother. "Take the child," the Princess said, "I will pay you to take care of him." A few years later, the Princess adopted him. "I shall call him Moses," she said, "because I rescued him from the river."

Moses became a member of Pharaoh's family and lived in the palace. The Hebrews, however, were still treated badly by Pharaoh. Moses left Egypt, but returned to lead his people to another land.


  • The Story of Baby Moses ( recorded by lefty ), american - upper midwest

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  • The Story of Baby Moses ( recorded by lefty ), american - upper midwest

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June 7, 2010

The first recording is at natural speed.
The second recording is at super slow speed.