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Armenian Audio Request

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Today I learned some new words and to remember them for a long time I made some sentences with them:
- If you want to find anyone you should have a description of them. It will help you to find quickly.

- Now, we have 2 direct roads to my home. We should make decision to choose this road or that road .

- I know the nest exam will be difficult soI have to try my best to review all the knowledge that our teacher teaches us.

- My mother put a limit on the money that I could use daily.

- In my hometown, most of local stores are grocery stores where have very thing that we need to use everyday.

- Magicians have a lot of magical products to performs tonight. I am eager to looking to see.


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April 28, 2017

Did you intend for this to be on the English-language queue?
The word "Armenian" resembles the word "American" but it refers to a people and language of south-west Asia.
Easy to get confused, I know! :)


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