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English Audio Request

164 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Not too fast! Thanks :-)

I had a horrible day last Wednesday. I got up in the morning, I was 30 minutes late since there was no alarm. My phone had no battery left because I forgot to put it on charge before going to bed. While having a shower, I realized the water was cold...I got ready hurriedly and left for the office without having breakfast to catch the bus. Alas! I missed it and had to hire a taxi.
Reaching the office, I realized I had forgotten to bring the laptop. I had a client meeting and had to present a project proposal. I felt so stressed, so I ordered a black coffee to release the stress. My goodness! I got no clue how on earth I spilled the coffee on my shirt, and it was a complete mess. My boss was very disappointed in me listening to everything, and I came back home immediately with utmost frustration. I couldn’t think about any day worse than this.




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