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English Audio Request

293 Words / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

accent: I'd like an American to read these sentences please. The more examples I have, the better, so feel free to post your own version if you are Canadian or American :-)

speed: Please read at natural speed

pauses: pause between each sentence please

If there's a British word, please replace it with the American equivalent (I already made some slight changes to the sentences but some British words have probably survived.)

*Some consumers prefer to book their vacation accommodation and car rental directly with suppliers abroad.

*Mr Gent has found new accommodation thanks to a local association.

*The advertising agency took her on as an account manager.

*Walmart's cash registers account for almost one-third of the nation's spending on groceries.

*With optical character recognition systems, there's the accuracy problem: a certain amount of checking and re-keying
will always be required.

*Just one in eight viewers believe TV commercials are truthful and accurate.

*Many students find it difficult to achieve success in their studies.

*Transport may be the Achilles heel of the Olympic project.

*Both sides acknowledge a breakthrough has been made after months of disagreement.

*Animal rights activists are stepping up campaigns against the construction of an animal
research laboratory at Oxford University.

*Meals are typically eaten at home, allowing restaurants to capitalize on the twin consumer trends of Americans
eating dinner at home more often and the decline in meals actually cooked in the home.

*Rioting across poor immigrant suburbs has highlighted acute discrimination in France.

*The government has been adamant about the new law.

*Building green typically adds 5 to 10 percent to the total price but that premium should decline.

*Tenants guilty of antisocial behavior will lose housing benefit if they also refuse to use state help to address the underlying
causes of their bad behavior.

*The commission found the new advertisement eye-catching but too aggressive.

*Advertisers need to go back to basics and work on viewer trust.

*There are renewed calls for government action to curb junk-food advertising aimed at children.

*The new awareness campaign advises motorists not to drive and drive.

*People who support the use of animals in medical research are planning to take on animal rights advocates.



Dec. 7, 2010

"Tenants guilty of antisocial behavior will *lose housing benefit* if they also [...]"
I said "lose their housing benefits," because the original sentence wasn't good English.

"The new awareness campaign advises motorists not to *drive and drive.*" I said "drink and drive," because that's a much more likely sentence.


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