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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

I need someone to record this text,normal speed. Thanks for your help!

Bonjour la France! Today, I’m gonna tell you how I managed to convince my parents to let me travel abroad.

When I was just fifteen years old, I wanted to explore the world: Africa, Asia, South America. But I had a major problem: my parents! They didn’t want me to travel alone: it was too dangerous, I was too young, and they were too scared…
I didn’t want them to travel with me. So, I worked on my project and planned everything out.

First, the budget: I told them exactly how much my journey would cost and explained to them how I planned to pay for it.
Then, the trip. I gave them details about my trip: Where? When? How long? Why?
I told them I wanted to attend a summer school programme in Paris to work on my French.
I took the facts to my parents and they understood how much I wanted it, how excited I was about this trip… and you know what? They did not say no.



Feb. 1, 2023

Thank you so much jokeeffe! Just perfect! Thanks for your help!


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