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Japanese Audio Request

743 Characters / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

Natural speed please, Kanji is ok, hiragana is ok

Hello everybody, my name is Broderick and this is my first youtube video in Japanese! since this is my first video I am not really sure of what to talk about. so maybe I thought I would just introduce myself. As you can see I am American, I live in Texas. The weather here right now is very hot. Hows the weather in your area? I really wanted to start making youtube videos in Japanese so that I would be able to practice my Japanese. Even though I have been studying for some time now, my speaking ability is still not very good. I can read and write fairly well I think but speaking is my weak point. So I hope that you guys will be willing to help me out! And forgive me if I make a mistake in the future. Its nice to meet you all. Any suggestions on what my next video should be about would be nice so leave a comment please! I hope to upload videos often, please check back often. See you later, and thanks for watching!



July 11, 2011

Hello, Broderick!
I'm very sorry that you don't understand well this site.
This site is not meant for translation.
You must prepare your own Japanese text.


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