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Swedish Audio Request

87 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Please speak (in Swedish) the name of each letter in the Swedish alphabet. Don't make the sounds of the letter as it is used in a word; speak the name as if you were teaching a child the names of the letters in the alphabet.

Please speak the name of each letter three times with a short pause (approximately one-half second) between each repetition.

Vänligen tala (på svenska) namnet på varje bokstav i det svenska alfabetet. Gör inte ljudet av brevet som det används i ett ord; Prata namnet som om du undervisade ett barn namnen på bokstäverna i alfabetet.

Vänligen tala namnet på varje bokstav tre gånger med en kort paus (ungefär en halv sekund) mellan varje repetition.


a a a
b b b
c c c
d d d
e e e
f f f
g g g
h h h
i i i
j j j
k k k
l l l
m m m
n n n
o o o
p p p
q q q
r r r
s s s
t t t
u u u
v v v
w w w
x x x
y y y
z z z
å å å
ä ä ä
ö ö ö




You can use our built-in RhinoRecorder to record from within your browser, or you may also use the form to upload an audio file for this Audio Request.

Don't have audio recording software? We recommend Audacity. It's free and easy to use.