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English Audio Request

164 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Please do a conversational reading, that is, not formal.

I’m throwing yesterday’s paper away

I forgot to take out the trash last night, now the trash can is full

Put your books away on the shelf when you’re done reading them

The house is a mess after the party last night. We need to clean everything up!

Kids, time for dinner. Turn off the TV

I’m sleepy. Can I turn off the lights?

It’s chilly outside. Don’t forget to put on a jacket

Aren’t you hot? Take off that coat

I hang up my clothes in the closet after I iron them

Joseph spilled some wine on the counter. I’ll help him wipe it up

My husband made dinner, so I’m supposed to do the dishes

Let’s go out tonight, it’s friday

I hate waking up early on the weekends!

Turn up the TV, please! I can’t hear the news

There’s no place to plug in my hair dryer in the bathroom

We’ve run out of milk, can you go get us some?




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