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English Audio Request

95 Words / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

natural speed please an
read the one and say next one after 5 sec. Please.

Listen to the teacher
Wait in line.
Please watch your step
Good morning everyone
Look forward
Be quiet.
Sit down in the chair
Turn on the light
Turn off the light.
Stand in line.
Brush your teeth.
Flush the toilet
Don't forget your bag
Wear a seatbelt
It is lunch time.
Wash your hands
This is a spoon.
This is a tray
It looks yummy!
I am hungry.
I am full.
Eat slowly.
Eat quietly.
Do not run.
Knock on the door
How are you?
Put on your slippers
See you at home



March 13, 2015

I really thank you. I will use well for my kids.


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